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Laurel Ridge Country Club Wedding: Meghan + Janson

The first signs of fall are finally arriving and for wedding photographers it usually means one thing, fall weddings!!! Besides the changing of the colors in the landscape, fall near Asheville brings crisp cool mornings, the bluest skies, leaves crunching on the ground underneath your feet, warm and fuzzy feelings as families start to gather, and the welcomed embrace of bonfires and evening coffee as the sun goes down. For us it’s a time when couples rush to Asheville and the surrounding areas to experience not only the delight of the season, but to enjoy their wedding day set right in the heart of it all! Our first fall wedding this year was at Laurel Ridge Country Club! For those of you that have not been fortunate enough to visit yet, it’s tucked away and beautifully set in the mountainous terrain of Waynesville, NC. We had the opportunity to visit this lovely wedding venue with Meghan and Jansen prior to their wedding day and as we walked through to get an idea of the layout, the lighting, and their vision, we couldn’t help but falling in love with the idea getting to capture their wedding day in such a perfect location in the fall. Between the warm tones and rustic elegance of their indoor space as well as the beautiful views that surround you, it’s hard not to feel an instant connection with Laurel Ridge Country Club.

Meghan & Janson’s love story started when they met in 8th grade! Like many couples a friendship formed the foundation for their love to grow. They were friends all throughout high school but their love eventually blossomed their freshmen year of college when they started dating. Janson went to Western Carolina University and Meghan went to UNC-Chapel Hill. This was the beginning of their 5 YEAR long distance relationship that consisted of FaceTime dates, making time to see each other over breaks, holidays, and occasional weekends until Jason proposed 3 days before her 24th birthday! Of course Janson played it smooth, proposing in on of Meghan’s favorite places, Chapel Hill, NC (Go Heels!).

As we got to know them better, you could see the special connection these two shared. From the first time we met them to all the way through their wedding day, the thing that stuck out to us was how much they both have a genuine joy for each other and for life. Rarely was there a moment throughout the day when these two would come together whether for a first prayer or cutting it up on the dance floor, that you couldn’t help but smile. Their joy both shared and individually was infectious to everyone around them, and we can only imagine the kind of happiness the future holds for Meghan & Janson! We hope you enjoy following on long on their beautiful wedding day!

Big thank you to all of the vendors who helped to make this day so special!

Florist & Décor: BobbyMark’s Designs

DJ: Steven Harris w/Sound Extreme

Videographer: Vaughan Crittenden w/Riverdale 24 productions

Officiant: Pastor Jim Dykes, Brookstone Church

Wedding Planning/Coordination: BobbyMark’s Designs & Leshall Conklin w/Laurel Ridge Special Events

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