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Branding Session: Aeropro Coaching & Performance

Branding sessions are something we’ve recently started doing and it is a special shoot that we absolutely love! One of the similarities they share with weddings is that we get a very intimate look into someone’s passion and process, but instead of their relationship, the focus is on their business. For us it’s a special opportunity because it is someone literally saying that they want the work we do, to represent the work they do! As professionals that are passionate about the work we do, we are able to put ourselves in their shoes and ask how can I best present this person’s brand to the world? How can we find unique ways to differentiate them from others who may do the same thing? How can we capture their personality and tie it in directly to what they do? On top of it being a great opportunity it’s also a important responsibility and one we’ve grown to enjoy! Working with other small businesses allows us to learn and grow by getting to see their workflow and systems in place. When captured correctly, the businesses we work with are able to use these images as a tool to on many different platforms from their website to social media. It allows them to show their ideal clients more than just the typical “here’s who we are and this is what we do,” rather, it can help to build connection, build trust, and in this important day and age of differentiating yourself in the market, it allows them to tell their story.

One of our recent branding shoots in Tampa was for our long time friend Roy! We were going to be in the area for a few days visiting friends and family and I was already planning on seeing Roy for a new fitting so the timing worked out perfectly. Roy is the owner and spirit behind Aeropro Coaching & Performance. Aeropro serves all levels of endurance athletes from national champions (multiple), to regional pros, as well as average Joe’s like me (pun intended) just looking to be competitive in their local races. Specifically, Aeropro provides individualized coaching and training uniquely tailored to the athletes they work with. Whether that is the high level executive that only has 4 hours a week to train due to a strenuous work schedule or the junior level athlete who has more time to train but needs to be carefully developed as they mature. Roy’s education & leadership, individual experience as a top level athlete, and commitment to following proven principles are just a few of the many things that he embodies when it comes to working with his clients and representing his brand Aeropro. Beyond the performance side, Roy has also become widely known for his professional fittings when it comes to two wheeled athletes. From pro cyclists and mountain bikers to triathletes, many of these athletes spend hours and hours training throughout the week. Considering an average cyclist may pedal along at 90 revolutions per minute (how many times you fully pedal in a minute) and an average training ride may be 2 hours, at 90 RPMs, you’re looking at your lower body joints doing nearly 11,000 rotations. Now let’s consider the fact that each joint of the body has a particular angle that’s more ergonomic, or that can produce more comfort, as well as better performance. If you’re aligned or set up wrong and spend hours on end training for years, you’re just asking for an injury. It happened to me about 3 years into my cycling training and at the suggestion of a friend, I went across town to visit Roy. I will warn you that I will probably sound like the biggest hype man, but after being diagnosed with bone marrow edema by the doctor and told that I need time off, I scheduled my fitting with Roy. I kid you not, the pain I had been experiencing for months in my lower leg when I pedaled, was instantly gone once fitted on my road and mountain bikes. Within a week of my fitting I did some testing and I produced better training metrics than I had previously experienced as well. Many other athletes must have had this same experience with Aeropro because over the years Roy has continued to work with entire teams of cycling professionals as well as logging many hours in a mobile wind tunnel where they use the science of aerodynamics to improve performance.

During our visit, I was able to get an updated fit for my new mountain bike and Jenny documented the process. The cool thing you’ll notice about working with Roy is it doesn’t matter if you are the average athlete like me or a national champ, he’s going to provide the same level of thorough examination and detail to you fitting or program. Nothing rushed, nothing forced, just meeting athletes where they are at so they can eventually be where they want to be. This is Aeropro Coaching & Performance!

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