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Memory Mountain Wedding: Ashley + Doug

I still remember the day we met Ashley! She walked in to our booth at The 2017 Wedding Festivals in Asheville with a big smile and kind demeanor! She told us about the vision for her wedding day and naturally we talked photography! She didn’t have a venue just yet, but we connected and there was no doubt in our minds we would be documenting her love story in the future! We were excited about getting to be a part of her wedding day and once we met her fiance Doug, we really got pumped! Anyone whose met Doug will know what I mean by that! Awesome dude, heart of gold, and the kind of energy that makes you want to get up and do something with your life! Seeing these two together for the first time allowed us to see the way they communicate, their body language, how they made each other laugh, and one thing was obvious, they were crazy about each other! From that meeting everything was set and now all we had to do was wait an entire year! (ugh!)

Well that last year flew by because Ashley and Doug’s wedding at Memory Mountain at Wolf Laurel was a few weekends ago and it….was…awesome! From beginning to end, their wedding day was an absolute blast! Probably our favorite part of the day as it often is was their first look. Prior to their first look, Doug was his usual high energy self but you could tell his nerves were a little worked up. After a visit from his sister, and some sweet quality time, it we got Doug set up for Ashley to surprise him! Ashley was simply gorgeous and Doug’s reaction didn't need any explanation.

After a beautiful & emotional first look, the rest of their wedding day seemed to fly by! From a ceremony filled with happy tears and laughs, to spending time with family and friends, there was never a dull moment! From the reactions in the crowd we would say one of the highlights of the evening were the toasts. In our experience, usually 2-3 people will give a special toast to the newly married couple but on this evening, we lost count! After every toast, someone else would have a moving story and give their toast. I think just about every one of them brought many in attendance to tears and they truly ended on a highpoint when Doug picked up Ashley’s dad Jeff in a bear hug (literally) !

Like many of the celebrations we are blessed to be a part of, we were sad to see this one end. We could not have asked for a sweeter couple, nicer day, or more fun group of family & friends to spend this day with! Congrats to Ashley and Doug and we will catch you all on the flip side!

Joe & Jenny

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