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Romare Bearden Park Engagement: Hayley + Dusty

Updated: Mar 19

engaged couple sitting at a table enjoying a beer

As anyone whose been keeping up with our social media can see, Charlotte is becoming our home away from home for weddings and engagements lately! Our most recent trip Queen City we were blessed to spend the evening with Hayley and Dusty! We connected with with Hayley through one of the past couples we worked with Megan and Andrew (thanks guys!!!) After getting to talk to her briefly about her vision for her wedding day and engagement a few weeks prior, we were on to scheduling her and her fiance’s Dusty’s engagement session in downtown Charlotte! Their fur baby Una joined us for the fun as well!

Even though the evening threw us a bit of a curveball with a concert at Romare Bearden Park, we made the most of the tight space and these 3 totally rocked their engagement session! Especially after exploring some beautiful city skyline and re-hydrating mid session!

woman kissing her fiance on the cheek
couple cuddling closely and touching foreheads
man holding his fiance from behind as they smile at each other
couple sitting on a bench in romare bearden park as their dog looks at  the camera
woman laughing as her fiance holds her
man nestling up on his fiance's cheek
woman laughing as her fiance says something to her on a rooftop
couple laughing and nestling heads together
couple cheering a beer
couple sitting at a table as traffic blurs by
couple sitting together in the park
woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear
couple sitting and laughing together
man kissing his fiance on the shoulder in romare bearden park
couple holding hands and walking and laughing

One of our favorite spots was a location we had passed by a few times during the session. In our experience, usually it’s swarmed with families and children, but on this night, it opened up at just the right time! It’s a little section of fountains and manmade waterfalls and what made it pop even more was the array of colored lights they use to illuminate it during the evening! Throw in a little love and you have the perfect way to end a downtown engagement sesh!

man holding his fiance as they look at each other in front of a pink light
couple holding on to each other and smiling in front of a fountain

Thanks as always for following along!

Jenny & Joe

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