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Romare Bearden Park Engagement Photos: D + J

Updated: Mar 2

man and woman dip kissing in front of a rainbow wall in downtown Charlotte

More often than not, 2019 has been the year of improvisation! Just about every time we turn around it’s going to rain, then it’s not (then it is again!). Or we’ve gone to a location that has changed drastically for one reason or another. Or our clients get lost on the way to the engagement and we end up with 20 minutes to capture their session lol. Often times being a photographer means being able to adapt to these changes on the fly and most recently we had to do some quick thinking on our feet for Danielle and James’ engagement session!

We connected with Danielle and James at Alexander Homestead Weddings for their Garden Party. After hitting it off instantly, they let us know the same day that they wanted us to document their big day! Of course we were stoked and a couple weeks later we were setting up all the details for their engagement! For their engagement session, we traded the mountain landscapes of Asheville for the cityscape of downtown Charlotte! Of course upon arriving mother nature had her own plans for the evening! We initially talked about starting in the park, but due to the fast approaching dark clouds, Danni and James decided we should go ahead and move to our next location first as it was the one they wanted the most! We rushed over to one of their favorite rooftop bars and found ourselves a little spot in the corner! These two fell perfectly and effortlessly into place! The ominous skies added the perfect touch of mood and the city seemed to glow in the distance. I’m pretty sure they could have rocked this spot all night long but that distant weather was soon on top of us! This is where a lot of sessions might have ended, but with hearts full of fun and spontaneity we all decided for go forth and conquer this evening on the town! We tried our hand out at the The Ritz Carlton but after about 5 minutes they squashed our efforts. After doing some digging, they sent us to the 3rd floor, which we were promptly kicked out of by Bank of America (c’mon!) thankfully, the Elevators provided just enough blind spot for a little fun!

man kissing his fiance on the temple on a rooftop
woman laughing while her fiance kisses her on the temple
couple laughing together on a rooftop as a man holds his fiance
dramatic sky image on a rooftop in downtown Charlotte
woman smiling as her fiance looks at her
woman whipping her hair to the side while smiling at her fiance
engaged couple smiling at each other in downtown charlotte
dark indoor barn portrait
silhouette of a couple holding each other close in a colorful room

While we were trying to think of different spots, we thought heck? Why not Romare Bearden Park where we tried to start? They have a little concrete falls section that’s lit up during the evening and by this time of the night we knew it would be very vibrant! Add the city lights in the distance and we found the perfect spot to end our evening!

couple kissing under an umbrella in romare bearden park
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
man kissing his fiance on the forehead in front of a rainbow wall
man holding his fiance on his shoulder
engaged couple dancing in the rain
couple dip kissing at romare bearden park in downtown Charlotte, nc

Big thanks to Danni and James for being flexible and being you! Your wedding day is going to be epic and we can’t wait guys!

Joe and Jenny

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