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Duke Gardens Engagement Photos: C + W

Updated: Mar 2

engaged couple smiling at each other at Duke Gardens

We recently traveled to Raleigh again this year but instead of shooting a wedding like usual, we had the opportunity to shoot Colleen and Will’s engagement session at Duke Gardens! We first discovered this beautiful location via instagram and once we started traveling a lot and we knew it was only a matter of time until we would get to visit! Enter Colleen and Will! We met with Colleen’s mom a couple of months back as she was helping her plan her wedding from a far here in Asheville! She had her venue locked down but thankfully she still needed a photographer to help capture the big day! After hitting it off with Colleen on the phone and her mom in person, we found out they would also be doing engagement photos and due to their busy schedules they preferred to keep them local. Once we found out they were leaning towards Duke Gardens, we knew that was a sign and we would definitely be making the trip to Raleigh to meet them sooner vs later!

As you enter Sarah P. Duke Gardens, you can’t help but be entranced by the tunnel of trees that leads you in, in fact this ended up being one of our favorite features. That beautiful tunnel effect you get with rows of trees, the warm back lighting, and chemistry between Colleen and Will made this spot irresistible! Did we mention they brought their fur baby Teddy!? Not that they needed it but they totally get extra cute points for bringing their dog :) From there we ventured out and explored more of the gardens and even though the gorgeous scenery changed, the one thing that remained constant was Colleen and Will! These two were on fire and totally rocked their engagement session! As always, don’t take our word for it, scroll onward and enjoy!

engaged couple laughing in a row of trees
woman wrapped around her fiance's arm
engaged couple laughing together in fall colored trees
woman smiling at her fiance as she wraps around his arm
engaged couple going in for an eskimo kiss
man hugging his fiance from behind as the sun bursts through the tree
couple laughing together a man hugs his fiance from behind
man kissing his fiance on the temple in front of a water fountain
engaged couple cuddling close while sitting in front of a fountain in Duke Gardens
woman smiling as her fiance whispers in her ear
symmetrical portrait of a couple in front of a fountain
woman smiling at her fiance as they hold hands side by side
woman laughing as her fiance wraps her up
engaged couple's dog in the foreground as they kiss in the background
engaged couple sitting on the steps and playing with their dog
couple holding each other close while being backlit under a gazebo
couple kissing underneath a gazebo
couple holding hands and walking across a bridge
couple sitting and cuddling in front of a pond
couple's arms and legs wrapped up around each other

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