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2023 Year in Review: All of The Portraits!

  As many of you know, we’ve been doing our year end recap where we review our entire year and highlight every couple with an image from every wedding!  Last year we thought it would be fun to get our portrait couples and families in on the mix and we also started doing a year end recap for all of our portrait sessions!  This created a fun little buzz so naturally here we are for the second year highlighting all of our amazing couples and families that we were blessed to work with in 2023!

In addition to 80 weddings in 2023, we also had 152 portrait sessions from beginning to end, or, 1 session every 2.4 days for you stat folks like me!  For us this was the year of the proposal!  We were fortunate enough to capture the big moment for 41 amazing couples from the east coast to the west coast!  Over the years these have become our favorite thing to capture so no complaints.  One of the biggest trends we’ve noticed with proposals over the last few years has been the shift in how our couples choose their ring.  Years ago it seems it was always a complete surprise from the ring to the proposal itself.  In the last year especially almost all of our couples choose their ring together.  Given the price of rings today vs years ago, I don’t blame them one bit.  With a large investment like this, why not get the exact one you want vs hoping they pick your style.

In addition to all of our new couples and families that we were able to connect with, we wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of our returning couples and families! Getting to reconnect with so many of you year after year has been one of things we've looked forward to the most! We've seen countless anniversaries celebrated, families grow, and countless memories made! Thank you all for allowing us to continue to be a small part of that!

Without further ado, from the beautiful majesty of the Tetons to the sweet embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains, here’s one image from every session!

(NOTE:  If you see wedding dresses, it was either a bridal or pre-wedding session, not a wedding)


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