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Alexander Homestead Wedding: J + D

Looking back on 2019 we were blessed to work with so many happy couples and their families, but I don’t think you will find a happier one than Jenna and Danny! They were by far one of the most fun, genuine, and laugh inducing couples we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with in our entire careers! There was also a calm comforting go with the flow about them and we got to see this on the day we met them for their engagement session. Initially we weren’t going to post anything about it on our blog but there’s been enough time in between now that I don’t think we would have to worry about any flack from property owners. That being said the locations will remain unnamed to protect the innocent. :)

Our original plan was to meet Jenna and Danny at one of our favorite mountain locations in the area for their engagement session. Everything was looking to line up perfectly, that is until we arrived and about 5 minutes after we parked the fog started rolling in out of nowhere. When they arrived we discussed possibly rescheduling, shooting in the blinding fog, or doing what we call a “pop up engagement”. They decided on pop up engagement and we hopped back in the car to see what we could find on the way back to town. If you’re not familiar with this term it basically means riding around and stopping at just about anywhere you see that could work for photos. We’ve done a lot of them on the Blue Ridge Park Way for the same reason, but we didn’t have the added luxury of public pull offs every half mile or so. What we did have was miles and miles of open fields and what may or may not have been privately owned land. True to their fun spirits, Jenna and Danny didn’t hesitate for a second and while we had to make sure we were in and out quick, it didn’t take long for these two to put their love and personalities on display. We found one other private spot where we were chased off by an approaching dog obviously sent by the farmer in the distance on his tractor (I kid you not). I think we all got the hint that we had worn out our welcome so we decided to head into town a little further and find a more public location. We located a baseball field and given Danny’s history as a baseball player, it totally fit! Did we mention the small park had a little bonus creek in the back!? Reflecting on the situation in its entirety, we couldn’t help but laugh when thinking back about it all. Not only did we get engagement photos that captured their connection perfectly, but we had a fun story to look back on, and now we finally got to tell it!


Fast forward to November and there big day was fast upon us! This is usually where we would talk about their wedding but we wouldn’t be able to tell this story in it’s entirety without mentioning their rehearsal dinner at The Barrel Room at Triple C first! We were able to see Jenna and Danny’s amongst their friends and families and it truly was moving. They literally had guests there from all over the globe to support their marriage and celebrate their wedding! They shared a special connection with each and every person present. The speeches from their families, the slide shows, and special pictures placed around the room were some of our favorite parts of the evening. Even though we had already gotten to know Jenna & Danny from talking to them on the phone and email, as well as shooting their engagement, we were able to see so much more of who they are by hearing their stories told by their families. As you already know they are fun and will have you laughing, but they are also world travelers, hard workers, and some of the best friends you could ask for! It was a festive evening complete with culinary fares from around the world representing many of the cultures present and the perfect prelude to their wedding day!


Jenna and Danny’s wedding day at Alexander Homestead picked up right where the night before left off. Jenna and her bridesmaids were such a joy to around! I’m not sure we could’ve been serious even if we wanted to (lol). Like many weddings that we get to be a part of, their first look was the pinnacle of this awesome day! They were both so excited leading up to their first look, and had you not been paying attention I think you would’ve seen nothing but Danny’s cool, calm, and collected self. Thankfully we like to shoot through a lot of moments and sometimes the best captures happen when you least expect it. One of our favorite images from their day was a split second of Danny showing his anticipation when he knew Jenna was approaching. It was very subtle but his hands said it all. It’s these little moments that we believe speak to the hearts and souls of our couples and the ones that you can truly transport yourself in time with and go back to that feeling in an instant. The rest of their wedding was as fun as you would expect and one of things we loved most was how EVERYONE was present on the dance floor! Sometimes at weddings you get the same 10 people on the dance floor all night, but Danny and Jenna’s guests came to party! The journey with these two has been amazing from beginning to end and one that we hope you enjoy the heck out of as you follow along!


Special thank you to all of the awesome vendors who helped to make this day epic!

Florist: Pink Petunias

Catering: Alexander Homestead Weddings

Planning/Coordination: Alexander Homestead Weddings

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