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Alexander Homestead Wedding : R + J

In the midst of the our busiest year ever (last year), I had so many ideas and plans for weddings and engagements we wanted to feature, and then life happened. (Are we the only ones feeling this way lately!?) One of the couples at the top of our list was Renee and Jay! We met Renee at the inaugural Charlotte Local Bridal Show right at the beginning of 2020! Over the course of the next couple of months we were able to connect with Renee and her awesome fiance (now hubby) Jay. From the get go we got awesome vibes from these two and we were stoked when they told us that they wanted us to be a part of their big day, and what a big day it was! Renee and Jay’s wedding day was spread across three different venues, their church, the hotel, and finally, the beautiful Alexander Homestead Weddings in Charlotte. It was action packed and as wedding photographers we felt so spoiled having such a variety of locations to work with for fun shots throughout the day. In fact, looking back over all the time we spent with these two, they always seemed to pick beautiful locations for everything starting with their engagement session at Black Balsam Knob. If you missed that one, then you should totally click here for all of your mountain engagement inspo!

One thing we didn’t get to share much about was Renee’s bridal at McGill Rose Garden. First off, OMG! Secondly, Renee was absolutely radiant! She rocked her bridal session like no other and she also brought her friend Nina along who btw was hilarious! It all made sense when we found out she was a comedian. Between Renee and Nina, it was non-stop bridal fun from beginning to end! Speaking of end, the end of the night provided us with one of the best sunsets we’ve had in a while in Charlotte and it was the perfect way to cap off an already amazing evening.

On the day of Renee and Jay’s wedding, it was a fun change of pace from the usual for us. Often times on a wedding day, wedding parties can be a little quiet and nervous like “Oh the camera is here we have to be proper!” I’d say we have a pretty good way of putting people at ease and getting them to the point they feel comfortable being themselves, but for Renee and Jay’s special day, the wave of good times and fun were in full force, we just had to ride it! In fact, that’s one of the things we enjoyed most about their wedding was how much Renee and Jay as well as their friends and family made us feel like one of the crew. When I think back to everything, by far our favorite part of the day was the variety. Renee and Jay are always dynamite on camera and having such a diverse array of locations to work with really spoiled us in terms of variety, but it also gave plenty of opportunity for these lovelys to shine in front of our lenses! As always, we hope you all enjoy as you follow along with on their wedding day!


As always, a special thank you to all of the awesome vendors who helped to make this day perfect!

Venue: Alexander Homestead Weddings

Ceremony Venue: St. Gabriel Catholic Church

Video: Heartistree Studios

Planning/DOC: Alexander Homestead

DJ: All The Right Grooves

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