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Alexander Homestead Weddings: L + M

Updated: Feb 16

bride and groom standing in front of Alexander Homestead

One of our favorite weddings this past year was for Liz and Matt at Alexander Homestead Weddings in Charlotte, NC! No doubt you’ve seen this beautiful venue pop up on our website and social media feed several times throughout the last couple years and it continues to be one of our favorite homes away from home! It was so random how we connected with Liz and Matt. A couple of a years back, Liz actually purchased a gift card from us for one of her friends to have a portrait session. Through a series of reschedules, etc and an eventual move, Liz ended up reaching out about doing a couple’s session with her and Matt. Man, are we glad they did!? We felt an instant connection to these two! Liz and Matt were playful, fun, sweet, and showed every bit of this during their session! Once they set a wedding date we were stoked when they asked us about capturing their special day! We also ended up seeing Liz earlier in the year at The Charlotte Local Wedding show and you could tell she was so excited about her wedding! Of course that was back in February and I don’t anyone could have planned for how the next couple of months would eventually unfold. With everything going on, Liz and Matt were able to remain positive, their families & friends supportive, and their venue accommodating. Through this, they were able to make adjustments and have a beautiful celebration of their union! We’re glad because we can’t think of a couple that deserved their special day more!

As always, we hope you all enjoy following along!

bride's dress hanging on the porch at alexander homestead
ceremony site at alexander homestead weddings
wedding ceremony site at alexander homestead shot through a window
pink bridal details
bride's ring on her shoes
floral ceremony details
wedding gazebo
groom putting on his tie in the mirror
groom's watch
groom's mom helping him get dressed
groom and his mother hugging
groom portrait in front of a barn door
groom's outfit details
goofy groom portrait
traditional groom portrait in the gardens at alexander homestead
close up picture of the bride smiling by her bouquet
groom and officiant walking down the aisle
groom smiling as the bride walks down the aisle
bride walking down the stairs
back of the bride's dress as she walks down the aisle
bride reading her vows during the ceremony
wedding guests holding hands
groom smiling as the bride reads her vows
wedding ceremony at alexander homestead
bride smiling as the groom reads his vows
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom smiling after the wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands and walking down the aisle
bride and groom smiling during the recessional
bride's dog
bride hugging her friend
candid capture of the groom smiling with his dog
bride smiling with her sister
candid of bride laughing with her friends
bride smiling with her dog
wedding guests laughing
candid of wedding guests laughing
bride and groom kissing in front of a floral garden
bride and groom smiling at each other
bride and groom smiling as they hold hands and walk
bride showing off her ring
bride and groom kissing on a romantic bridge
bride and groom holding hands on a path
groom dip kissing bride in front of alexander homestead
bride and groom laughing while holding each other
bridal portrait in the floral garden
bride and groom kissing with their dog standing at their feet
groom holding the bride's bouquet as she laughs
bride laughing as the groom looks at her


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