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Alexander Homestead Weddings Charlotte - Vendor Highlight

Updated: Mar 2

fall wedding ceremony at alexander homestead in charlotte, nc

Two of the great things about building experience in the wedding industry as a photographer are the places you get to go and the people you meet! As a continued effort to bring you the best our industry has to offer, one of the things we’ve decided to do is start highlighting some of those amazing folks we are privileged to work with and some of the awesome places we get to visit! First up is Alexander Homestead Wedding & Event Venue in Charlotte, North Carolina! Not only have we come to love this beautiful location but we absolutely adore their team! We First connected with them back in November of last year for Hailey and Dusty’s late fall wedding! We didn’t get the chance to visit beforehand due to our crazy schedules but once we arrived in person, we were blown away! The best way we can describe it is like a little oasis in the middle of the city. Typically when you think Charlotte you think the hustle and bustle of the city, tall buildings, skylines, and noise. Their venue is secluded from all of that! For us it was welcoming from the moment we drove onto their tranquil property. The historic homestead sits to your left as you make your approach and if you venture all the way around to the back you will find their reception barn (which is awesome btw!). Everything in between feels like you’ve just arrived at a hidden Botanical Gardens somewhere in Charlotte. Their property upkeep is impeccable and their layout really separates you from all that’s around so you’re able to transport and be fully present in your special day! Did we mention their all star team that goes above in beyond in making sure your day is perfect?!

alexander homestead in charlotte, nc
bridal house at alexander homestead
pink and white floral design on the ceremony gazebo

Having shot nearly 300 weddings in the last 4 years in NC and beyond, Alexander Homestead truly does stand out as being one of the top venues we’ve had the pleasure of visiting! We believe that kind of excellence starts at the top with great leadership which is why we’ve invited Tirzah Caffe, Alexander Homestead owner and general manager, to tell us a little bit more about what makes her venue and team different!

For us, outstanding customer service is a must! People often ask me what sets us apart from all the other venues in town. There is so much I could say. In my 25 years in this industry I have seen A LOT and learned A LOT. My experiences have shown me that there are 3 major things that couples today need. These three qualities have become the cornerstone qualities in how we operate our business. All-Inclusive. Personalized. Stress-Free.

Couples today are busier than ever. They want the big dream wedding, but often put it off because of the TIME it takes to pull it together. Research shows that planning a wedding adds about 15-20 hours a week of planning. That’s where we come in. We attract the busy professional. They entrust the details to US and we take the burden off their shoulders by handling about 90% of the event.

So, how do we pull off being one of the BEST venues in Charlotte? It’s no secret. Let me tell you.

My staff.

My full time staff are rock stars. They love their jobs and it shows. One full time staffer told me this week that he doesn’t even feel like this is a job because it’s so much fun. To me, that is the absolute best thing I could hear as an owner. We have created an incredible atmosphere at our venue. That positive attitude trickles down into our part time staff as well. They LOVE their jobs producing weddings and it shows in the way they take such good care of our guests.

And our creative team…well, they are simply AMAZING! Each partner has been chosen by me. And like I said, I’m very picky. For example, it took me 3 years to finally land on a florist that I wanted to work with. I’m picky because 3 elements MUST work in harmony. 1) They need to be above average in their field of expertise, 2) they need to be excellent in customer service and 3) they need to jive well with our team and have a “go above and beyond” approach to our partnership.

Our most recent addition to our team was JCM Photography. We worked side by side with them on the Married at First Sight project and we just fell in love with them. They checked all the boxes for us! We watched how the couples felt so at ease with them and they made the process FUN which is incredibly important. Have you seen their pictures? Holy cow. AMAZING!

reception barn at alexander homestead weddings
bride and groom resting foreheads on each other while the bridal party walks behind them
wedding table in the reception barn
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
groom leading bride across the garden at alexander homestead weddings

You could probably gain a sense of Tirzah’s personality through her words, but let us be the first to tell you that she has amazing energy! We’re convinced if you spend any time around her and her team, it’s impossible not to have a better day which we believe is also one of the factors that sets them apart!

We hope you enjoy some of the quick visual highlights from their venue! To learn more about Alexander Homestead and how their team can help you plan your special day, click here!

bride and groom sharing their first dance
groom and his groomsmen laughing before the ceremony
bride cheering champagne with her bridesmaids
reflection of the bride in the mirror as her dad sees her for the first time

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