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Black Balsam Knob Engagement : R + J

Updated: Feb 17

Black Balsam Knob Engagement Session

This year our workflow has been like a tidal wave. March hit and with everything going on and it was flat. Then as people started to get a feel for what was happening in the world, the wave has slowly built up higher and higher, and it’s in full hang ten mode right now! So much so that I saw a post on instagram earlier and it was an instant reminder that somehow I did not blog Renee and Jay’s beautiful engagement session near Asheville!

Truth be told this was one of our favorite engagement sessions this year, for a few reasons but mainly Renee and Jay! I mean seriously, how cute are these two!? In all seriousness though, they are two of the sweetest, most down to earth people you will ever meet. We connected with Renee back in February at the Charlotte Local Wedding Show and after getting to zoom with her and Jay to get to know them both a little better, we were blessed with the opportunity to capture their engagement this past summer as well as their wedding in 2021, which seriously can’t get here fast enough!

On the day of their engagement, we went to two of our favorite locations near Asheville. Graveyard Fields, and Black Balsam Knob! I don’t know if anyone else has been keeping track this summer but it feels like it rains 90% of the time (lol). We were faring about the same, but even with a super high chance of rain that day, we managed to be in the two spots that didn’t get a drop! I’m not sure if would have mattered much because after getting these cuties in front of our lenses, I’m convinced they would’ve just as easily rocked an engagement session drenched in the rain. Thankfully we didn’t have to find out and mother nature decided to give us a gift with one of the most vibrant sunsets I can remember in recent times! Between Renee and Jay’s chemistry and the beautiful setting we were given, this is one of those you’re going to want to scroll over a dozen times! As always, thanks to everyone for following along and we hope you all enjoy!

dramatic lighting portrait of a couple kissing in the trees
couple standing on a bridge and looking out together
couple holding each other and looking at each other with a rainbow in the background
couple holding hands and walking down the mountain
engaged couple smiling at each other during sunset in the mountains
couple kissing during sunset in the mountains
couple holding each other during sunset in the mountains
couple holding each other for an intimate moment during sunset
man nestling up on his fiance's cheek during sunset
man hugging his fiance from behind and kissing her cheek
couple holding each other and smiling during a colorful sunset
couple smiling during a colorful sunset in the mountains

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