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Alexander Homestead Wedding : B + M

Updated: Mar 14

bride and groom holding hands and walking at Alexander Homestead

    Being wedding photographers based in Asheville, there is no shortage of amazing venues, gorgeous views, and great people work with!  Which is why years ago when we started pursuing becoming full time in the wedding industry, we were initially a little shocked when we started finding ourselves in Charlotte so often.  Fast forward to present day and Charlotte has become one of our homes away from home when it comes to weddings!  We have our friends at Alexander Homestead Weddings to thank for that but we also have so many amazing couples like Becca and Matt to thank as well!  Getting to visit Charlotte is always fun because we’re trading the small town for the big city, rustic vibes for industrial, and landscapes for cityscapes.  The variety in getting to utilize lines, architecture, and different compositions, not to mention the cool lighting situations, brings a certain level of excitement to every wedding or session.

This was definitely the case for Becca and Matt’s special day!  They held their wedding ceremony near downtown at The Hamilton Event Space followed by their reception at the always popular Alexander Homestead giving them the best of both worlds when it comes to natural scenery and the more modern industrial scene we mentioned previously.  We were stoked for their big day because Becca and Matt are seriously one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the pleasures of connecting with over the years.  They are both so laid back, kind, and easy going and as we found out when the reception kicked off, quite the partiers!  To see these two in our capacity is a gift.  Their kindhearted and sweet nature gives these cuties undeniable chemistry on camera!  For us their smiles could light up a room and we were glad to be in that room to help document their story.  As you follow along we hope you all enjoy the little moments, the scenery, and the joy of what was one of our favorite wedding days from 2023!

bride's shoes bouquet and dress

bride and groom's wedding invitations and details

bride's dress hanging on a mirror

bride laughing as she gets her hair done

bride receiving a make up touch up

bride getting her hair done

bride laughing with her maid of honor

bridesmaids laughing and talking

bride's mother helping her button her dress

bride's mother giving her a hug

bride and the maid of honor hugging

bridal party all laughing

the hamilton event space charlotte nc

hexagon shaped wedding arch

groom's party suits hanging up

groom laughing while getting ready

groom adjusting his tie

groom putting on his jacket

groom portrait in front of the bar

bride tapping groom on the shoulder

groom smiling at the bride and holding her hands

bride and groom kissing in front of a bar

dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom in front of a bar

bride and groom smiling at each other

bride and his mother walking into the ceremony

bride's father walking her down the aisle

groom hugging the father of the bride

bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony

wedding ceremony at the hamilton event space

bride and groom kissing

bride and groom smiling during the recessional

fun wedding party portrait indoors

bride and bridesmaids laughing

groom and groomsmen all smiling

wedding party portrait outside of the hamilton

groomsmen giving the groom a hard time

dramatic wedding party portrait at the hamilton event space charlotte, nc

dramatic portrait of the groom kissing the bride on the temple

bride and groom laughing as they walk with their friends

groomsmen all laughing in front of fall leaves

bridal party in the garden at alexander homestead

wedding party walking in front of the barn at alexander homestead

bride and groom strolling together through the gardens at alexander homestead

bride and groom laughing as they walk together

bride laughing as the groom wraps her up from behind

bride and groom dancing in the fall leaves

groom kissing bride on the cheek

groom portrait in front of fall leaves

traditional portrait of bride and groom smiling

bride and groom laughing together in the gardens

bridal portrait in the alexander homestead gardens

bride and groom kissing in front of fall foliage

bride and groom laughing as they enter the reception

bride smiling at the groom during their first dance

groom smiling at the bride during their first dance

groom spinning the bride around the dance floor

best man giving a speech

father daughter dance

mother son dance

ring shot in front of lights

groom chugging a beer

wedding guests having at a bonfire

wedding guests playing thunder struck on the dance floor

groom and his buddy dancing

groom chugging a beer as the lights spin

wedding guests dancing

wedding guest dancing with her arms in the air

groom kissing bride on the cheek under the chandelier at night

best man and groomsman dancing

bride and groom celebrating as they exit their wedding.

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