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Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement: A + P

If you’re thinking “Hey, these two look really familiar!” it’s because they probably do. This is part of two of Phil and Anna’s wedding celebration. If you missed part definitely click here! After holding their intimate ceremony in Philadelphia’s historic Society Hill district, Phil and Anna made one of the most epic beer runs in history down to Asheville (inside joke). We had also planned to venture with them to the mountains and capture a beautiful day after session, 2 days after that is. It just happened to be during that two week stretch where it rained…..every… True to their fun nature, Phil and Anna didn’t mind taking a little chance and despite the weather forecast looking iffy at best, we decided to press onward. We initially headed up to Craggy Gardens but we were soon greeted by a white out of fog and clouds which Craggy is so known for (see more here on this beautiful location). Even though mother nature had other plans in store that day, we decided to move down the Blue Ridge Parkway closer to Asheville and find a clearing. We had all seen the same spot on the drive up and decided to move back that way. It wasn’t very big but as you’ve seen previously, we don’t need much in order to rock a session with these cuties! Phil and Anna’s day after session had that fun whimsical elopement element to it and of course all the feels! These two picked up right where they left off last time we saw them, madly in love. Did we mention they brought their fur baby Livingston to join them this time? Literally all the ‘Omgs’ and ‘heart eyes’ for this little man!

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