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Super fun Asheville Wedding : J + D

Updated: Jan 25

candid moment of the couple sharing a drink after their wedding ceremony

If you came for super formal summer time wedding in Asheville, you’re in the wrong spot. If you came for one of the most epic soiree’s we were apart of in the last year, then you’re definitely in the right place! Meet Jackie and Devon! We were blessed and fortunate enough to connect with these amazing souls through Jackie’s sister Sandy. We’ve been working with Sandy and her sweet family for the last few years for their family photos. We can’t thank her enough because it felt like an instant friendship with Jackie and Devon! From our first call, to their sparker exit, being a part of their journey has been non-stop fun! They held their wedding at luxurious private estate near Asheville, NC. In an area filled with beautiful wedding venues from top to bottom, it’s always fun to get to visit a new place or somewhere different that isn’t your typical wedding venue. I don’t know if it’s the vibe from being somewhere a bit more secluded, or the more relaxed atmosphere, but locations like this usually almost always lead to a fun wedding day where people can be themselves. Never was this more apparent than during their wedding reception. This crew was fun all day, but once the sun set, they took it to another level! For those of you that have been following us a while, you may be saying to yourself, ‘but you guys always have fun weddings.’ Dude, this one had dance moves I’ve never seen before and that is saying something because we’ve seen some pretty sweet ones over the years (lol). Don’t take our word for it, scroll onward and enjoy my friends!

the bride putting on her dress at the foot of a stair well

bridal portrait under a chandelier

candid moment of the bride putting her jewelry on

shot of the bride's mother helping her put on her shoes

the groom and groomsmen

the groomsmen picking up the groom

the bride and groom sharing a shot before the ceremony

private vow reading before the ceremony

the bride shedding a tear as they read each other their vows

blue sky bridal portrait

close up bridal portrait

bride and groom kissing on their private venue near Asheville

creative reflection portrait of the bride and groom

the bride and groom holding hands and walking across their venue

sunset wedding portrait of the bride and groom

the bride laughing during the maid of honor speech

the groom crying during the best man speech

the bride singing on the dance floor

groomsman doing a back flip during the reception

the bride and groom turning up at the reception

the bride and groom eating their cake

the bride and groom celebrating during their wedding exit

Venue: Private Residence near Asheville, NC

Planning/Coordinating: Ashley Taylor Oliver

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