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Crest Center and Pavilion Wedding: J + J

Updated: Feb 24

group shot of the bride and groom and all of their guests

As I write this I still laugh when I think about the first time we connected with Jenny and JT. Time for a little trip down memory lane. Jenny and I were pulling into Biltmore Park on our way to Clean Juice and she got a call from an out of town area code and given our business, that usually means it’s somebody inquiring (nailed it!). On the other end of the line was Jenny calling to ask us some questions about our availability, style, etc. Here’s where things get better. You see all of this happened and Jenny’s phone was on vibrate so I didn’t quite realize she was answering the phone. As she was answering I was driving up by REI on the corner before the round about, and out of nowhere, someone pulled out of their parking spot backwards really fast. Did I A) simply stop and give the guy the wave? B) rear end them or C) exclaim the first obscenity that came to mind? If you guessed A or B, you’d be wrong. If you guessed C, congrats you know me well. This was probably the textbook worst way ever to make a first impression on the phone, but thankfully Jenny has a huge heart and plenty of patience! Thanks for giving us a chance Jenny :) If you’ve been following our blogs for sometime you’re probably recognizing these cuties from their engagement session at Black Balsam Knob during the summer! If you’re just now discovering our blog, then you should totally click the link above because these two crushed their engagement! Easily one of the most fun engagement sessions from last year! Their wedding day at The Crest Center and Pavilion was much the same with good vibes and good times, but add in a whole lot of friends and family! The thing that stood out the most to us was the special bond that Jenny and JT shared with their loved ones. In just our short time getting to know these two, their genuine and kind hearted nature shines through, it’s hard not to love them. I could only imagine the strong connection they share with the folks who have known them most of their lives! One of our favorite parts of their day that really showed their personalities was when they exchanged gifts after their first look. Jenny got JT an authentic handmade gladiator helmet and I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest we’ve ever seen him smile! JT got Jenny a pretty special gift too but seriously, how do you compete with a legit gladiator helmet!? Something else we wanted to mention as we present Jenny and JT's story to you and it's something that if not mentioned would be leaving out a major chapter in their lives together. Their son Zeke. Now, in their engagement blog we mentioned about how bright their spirits are, but what we didn't mention is their resilience. To speak more to that, you'll notice all you see in this wedding day are pictures of Zeke. He is no longer here physically but his spirit lives on through Jenny and JT and their families. They choose to honor him and celebrate his life and we think you'll see that through some of the images. Something special they told us they've been doing is keeping Zeke's ashes and they spread them to places that play a significant role in their journey so it only made sense that they also spread some during their wedding day. It's such a heartbreaking story but the way JT and Jenny carry on positively in his honor is also heartwarming and inspiring. We weren't initially going to mention anything because obviously we didn't know if it was our place to, but Jenny did want us to mention Zeke as he is such a part of their lives and forever will be. We hope as you enjoy the images of their day you'll keep them all in your hearts!


portrait of the groom in the foreground and the bride in the background
portrait of the bride in the background and groom in the foreground
wedding ceremony space at the crest center and pavilion
wedding unplugged sign
wedding stage at crest center near asheville
picture display with florals
wedding table set up in the reception
crest center and pavilion wedding reception table
blue bottle centerpiece
mountain inspired wedding cake
memory table
picture of bride and groom and their baby
farm table wedding reception
bride and groom dancing into the reception
bride twirling on the dance floor
creative shot of bride and groom dancing
father daughter dance
father hugging his daughter
mother son dance
the groom dancing with his mother
mother of the groom and the groom dancing
maid of honor cheering the bride and groom
bride and groom laughing
maid of honor and best man giving a toast
bride and groom laughing at speeches
best man giving a speech
wedding guests dancing on the dance floor
bride and groom dancing with their guests
bride and groom dancing with the bridesmaids
bride and groom feeding each other cake
bride and groom smashing cake in each other's face
bride tossing bouquet
girl raising bouquet in the air
groom retrieving a garter
groom throwing a garter
bride and groom popping champagne bottles
bride and groom getting iced
bride and groom chugging drinks
bride and groom having their sparkler exit
bride reacting to a surprise for her
bride and groom smiling in front of a horse drawn carriage
bride and groom kissing inside of a carriage


Venue: Crest Center and Pavilion DJ: Sound Extreme Cake: 828 Sweets Flowers: Susan Palmer Decor: Jackie Hall & DIY Catering: M7 Solutions Ceremony Music: Eduardo Guzman

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