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Fall Wedding at The Parker Mill : B + G

Updated: Jan 24

Bride and groom dip kissing at golden hour in the mountains

We first connected with Brett when he reached out two Octobers ago to see if we could help him capture his romantic mountain top proposal to his girlfriend Grace. We’re a suckers for proposals and mountain tops so we were stoked to learn more. After explaining how he and his soon to be fiance were going to be touring a wedding venue and during their tour, maybe we could be staged like we’re doing photos for the venue when really we’d be there for them. It turns out it was at one of our absolute favorite mountain wedding venues, The Parker Mill! Since we were very familiar with the terrain we knew exactly the spot Brett was talking about. If you’ve never had the opportunity to travel up to this place, it is unparalleled when it comes to mountain venues in North Carolina. It was a perfect sunny afternoon on the day of their proposal and she said yes! These cuties proceeded to rock their proposal session.

Not only did Grace say yes to the proposal but her and Brett also said yes to the venue. They were anticipating a beautiful fall wedding in October of 2023 and that is exactly what they got! But before their big day arrived, we were fortunate to get to see Brett and Grace beforehand for their first look session. You may be wondering what is a first look session? It’s become more trendy as of late but it’s still a bit of a rarity for most couples. Just like you would do a first look on your wedding day, you pick another day prior to your wedding to do your first look. This is then followed by wedding portraits. This option has a lot of benefits but the two main ones we hear that our couples love is getting your portraits done before your wedding day so this way you can spend more time with your guests on your actual wedding day vs being pulled away for couples portraits, and individuals portraits. It also helps to ensure you’ll likely have at least one nice day for your photos. After all, weather in the mountains can be a little unpredictable. For us as photographers, we love first look sessions because we find our couples are typically less stressed and it allows them to really focus on each other and their connection without all of the outside distractions and stressors. This always translates well to your images. These were a few of our favorites from Brett and Grace’s first look session at The Parker Mill.

Bride and groom sharing their first look at The Parker Mill

The groom tearing up when he sees his bride for the first time

bride and groom sharing an intimate moment at The Parker Mill

Creative portrait of the bride and groom incorporating the veil

Bride and groom holding hands and walking towards the mountains

The groom kissing his bride on the cheek during sunset in the mountains

Sunset bridal portrait at The Parker Mill

Dramatic sunset portrait of a couple at The Parker Mill

A couple holding hands and walking towards the mountain at The Parker Mill

Bold sunset portrait of a bride and groom at The Parker Mill

A double exposure of a bride and groom at The Parker Mill

Bride and groom kissing in front of the mountains

Beautiful sunset sky at the parker mill

Creative wedding portrait at The Parker Mill

Sunset dip kiss at The Parker mill

On their actual wedding date, it was idyllic in every way. The fall color was starting to paint the WNC landscape. It was that perfect fall weather where you’re not cold but you’re not even close to breaking a sweat, and nothing but good vibes all around! What we loved most about working with Brett and Grace was how these two were with each other. 5 minutes around these two and it’s obvious to anyone that Brett and Grace are crazy about each other. Their playful, thoughtful, and loving nature are infectious to everyone around them and they are at their best together! It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with these two for this chapter of their story. It was even more cool making two new friends along the way! Congrats to Brett and Grace and we hope you all enjoy following along!

lay flat bridal details at The Parker Mill

Bridal details at The Parker mill

Getting ready in the bridal suite at The Parker mill

wedding dress at The Parker Mill

the bride putting on her shoes

the bride and her grandmother cheersing

groom details at the parker mill

the groom's dad helping him get ready

creative getting ready photos of the groom

groom fixing his tie

the groom hugging his dad

dramatic portrait of the groom in the mirror framed by lights

Motion blur portrait of the groom and his groomsmen getting ready

Sweet moment of the bride and her father laughing

Mountain wedding venue the parker mill

black and white image of the bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony

wedding ceremony pavilion at the parker mill

creative silhouette of the bride and groom at the parker mill

bride and groom sharing their first dance at the parker mill

beautiful sunset portraits of a bride and groom at the parker mill mountain top

Creative double exposure portrait of a couple at The Parker Mill mountain top

dance party wedding reception at the parker mill

Night silhouette framing the couple in the pavilion

Planning/Coordination: Avail Weddings

Florals: DIY

Hair and Make up: Fab Flawless

Officiant: Chris Andrews

Rentals: Forager's Canteen

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