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Homewood Wedding Asheville : A + S

One of our favorite weddings from this fall was at Homewood in Asheville with Anna and Stephen! For those of you who have been following us for any length of time, you’ve probably seen this beautiful castle venue in our feed. Prior to 2020 we were at Homewood what felt like every other week and we were totally ok with that because this is one of our favorite wedding venues in Asheville. The unique setting, the proximity to downtown, and the amazing staff make this venue hard to beat! Then 2020 happened and a slew of wedding reschedules took place for a lot of our couples. So, for about a year and a half, a lot of the vendors and venues that we were used to working with, we didn’t get to see you for a while. As the wedding pros in Asheville will tell you, this is a pretty tight knitt community. At times it even feels like a family when we show up to work and get to hang out with all of our friends who all have a common goal to make somebody's special day amazing! Now that we are all the way through 2022 and seemingly everybody in our industry has made it through all of their 2020 reschedules, we’re starting to see all those familiar faces and places again and this was one of those weddings where it felt like we reunion of vendors.

Like most couples who tie the knot in Asheville, Stephen and Anna are from out of town. Even though we always love to connect in person beforehand, we didn’t get a chance to before their wedding and it almost didn’t matter. From the get-go, Anna and Stephen were fun, genuine, and two of the sweetest people you will ever meet! This is the part where I would usually tell you about one of our favorite parts of their wedding day, but the truth is, from beginning to end their wedding day was spectacular! From getting ready, to the first look, to hanging with the bridal party, all the way through their reception the entire day was smooth and fun! I think laid back, and good times would be the two phrases to best describe their wedding day! Also, if you couldn’t tell by the cover image on this blog, they also had one of the most amazing sunsets that we can remember at Homewood. As always we wish the biggest of congrats to Anna & Stephen and their families. We hope you all enjoy following along!


Venue: Homewood

Planning/Coordinating: Carolina Love Events

Photo Booth: JCM Photography

Officiant: Michelle Smith, Asheville Celebrant

Catering: Caroline Allured

Videography: Weddings by LDF

DJ: A Bride's DJ

Beverage: Asheville Beverage

Florals: Flowers by Larry

Hair & Make up: Powder Me Pretty

Baker: Publix

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