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Two Lane Promo Event....with Luke Bryan!

(OMG!) Just wanted to go ahead and get all of those out of the way lol. Last year we were blessed with the opportunity to be on Season 9 of Married at First Sight on Lifetime Television and this year we had the unique opportunity to meet and work with Luke Bryan while he was in Charlotte, NC promoting his new beer brand Two Lane American Golden Lager! The beer is made with American grown barley and brewed with water from the Blue Ridge Mountains, only 99 calories, and unlike a lot of low calorie beers, it doesn’t lack on flavor! I got to try one at the event when we had some downtime and it did not disappoint! I'm definitely looking forward to having some on a hot summer day!

We were pumped about this event for multiple reasons but personally because we’ve both been Luke Bryan fans for a long time! I remember seeing him perform at The Dallas Bull in Tampa, FL 13 years ago. He literally played two of hits that night and did a host of covers and other songs he had written for other artists who were already established. I vividly remember someone asking me who just happened to be there that night, “Hey whose playing?” to which I responded “Luke Bryan.” The guy who asked me looked confused and said “Oh is that the guy that has that All my friends say song?” Now 13 years later he’s released 6 albums, 4 of which have topped the Billboard top 200, become a judge on American Idol, had numerous number 1 hits, he's won 9 awards at the 2012 American Country Awards, and has earned Entertainer of the year from the Academy of Country Music, as well as the Country Music Association just to name a few. He’s as big of a superstar as they come and to say we were pumped for this opportunity would be an understatement!

Being used to the hustle and bustle of a wedding, we felt right at home with the fast pace of this awesome event! One thing I noticed quick was how much of a people person Luke was with all of his fans. Luke actually took the extra time to learn people’s names, talk to them at length, and get to know them. In this crazy world we live in where people don’t always take the time to do that, it was really cool to see someone on his level be that genuine. He even let us snag a quick photo (Thanks Luke!).

The event was hosted at one of our favorite venues in all of NC, the beautiful Alexander Homestead Weddings in Charlotte! Having been there a for a number of weddings in the last couple of years, it was so cool to see the production crews transform certain elements of the venue to make you feel like you were hanging out somewhere completely different! Of course the highlight of the day was the intimate concert Luke put on for all of his fans in attendance! They kept it all acoustic and played a heck of a set while Luke cheers and joked with the crowd between songs. Being in the position we were was awesome because we were literally front row capturing all of the action! I had to put my camera down a few times and take it all in. It was a concert and experience we won’t soon forget and while we’ve always been fans of Luke Bryan as an artist, he definitely earned our admiration as a person, and two new customers for Two Lane!


A special thank you to Luke’s team, Cogent, and of course our awesome friends at Alexander Homestead Weddings for making this possible! We beyond grateful!

Joe and Jenny

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