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Married at First Sight Season 9

Updated: Mar 4

bride and groom laughing as they look at the camera

If you’ve been following us on social media this year then you’ve no doubt heard the exciting news! Team JCM Photography was recently on the Lifetime Television Network for Season 9 of Married at First Sight! To be honest, we don’t watch a lot of TV and when this amazing opportunity first came along, we had to do a little research to make sure this was all legit. It definitely was, 100%. After a little research, we soon learned about the concept and the process that the couples on the show go through. If you haven’t seen it yet, couples go on the show looking to meet the love of their lives and they meet for the first time at the altar! They are matched by experts based on compatibility and if all goes well they get their happily ever after! If things don’t quite work out, they have the option to get divorced after 8 weeks. The weddings were held at the beautiful Alexander Homestead in Charlotte, NC. Having shot here before, we knew it was going to be an awesome setting for all of the couples! The couples were Greg & Deonna, Keith & Iris, Jamie & Elizabeth, and Matt & Amber. As you can see from watching the show, they are all very different but, in our experience, very fun!

Given the content of this blog, we can’t say as much as we usually would when it comes to telling the story of a wedding day but what we can say is we are grateful for this opportunity. Not only was it something that has landed our work and our company in some major media publications (People, US Weekly, New York Post), but when we started this wedding photography journey 8 years ago, we never thought we would be on TV! It’s been the proverbial explanation point on an already amazing year and we can’t wait to see how this season ends! In the meantime, hope you enjoy some of our favorite images from their weddings!

bride checking her dress in the mirror
bride and groom celebrating as they enter the reception
bridal portrait in the window light
alexander homestead wedding ceremony set up
casual groom portrait
bride and groom smiling at the camera in front of greenery
groom wrapped up around the bride in front of a pond
groom adjusting his sleeve
wedding guests clapping as the bride and groom enter the reception
bride and groom looking at each other while holding hands
bride laughing as the groom hugs her from behind
bride and groom sharing a funny moment during their ceremony
bridal portrait in front of cherry blossoms
bride laughing during the wedding ceremony
groom dip kissing bride
bride and groom walking out for their recessional
white wedding cake
groom kissing bride on the cheek in front of cherry blossoms
groom smiling as he gets ready
bride and her father smiling as they walk down the aisle
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride getting her airbrush make up done
bride and groom laughing together in front of a pond
groom enjoying champagne with his buddies
bride looking at the camera while sitting on her groom's lap
blue sky behind alexander homestead weddings
sweetheart table at alexander homestead
chocolate wedding cake
wedding guests laughing
groom kissing his grandmother on the cheek
groom laughing with his buddies
groom buttoning his jacket
bride smiling at the groom
green and white wedding cake
wedding table set up at alexander homestead
groom reading a note from the bride
bridesmaids sitting and laughing
groom laughing with his friends
bride's dress hanging on a mirror
bride's bouquet and shoes
bride and groom laughing at their sweetheart table
bridal portrait in front of pond at alexander homestead
bride and groom smiling as they walk down the aisle
bridal bouquets
bride and groom laughing during their alexander homestead wedding ceremony
bride hugging her dad before the ceremony
bride wrapped around the groom's arm during the recessional
bride's mother helping her button up her dress
bride opening a gift
bride and groom holding hands and laughing
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling in front of a cypress tree
bride crying as her father comforts her
bride and groom holding hands and walking
traditional bridal portrait in the window light
bride's jewelry and shoes
bride laughing during the wedding ceremony
bride grabbing her chest and laughing as the groom whispers in her ear
bride wrapped around the groom's arm as they walk together
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling at each other

Promotional Partners

Alterations: Tina’s Alterations

Horse & Carriage: Southern Breezes

Officiants: Wedding Woman Rev. Lynda Lauts; Richard Macon; Woods Officiant Services;

Men’s Haircut/Shave: Emerson Joseph

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