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Wild Mountain Blossoms: Branding Session

During the past month we were blessed with the opportunity to meet and work with Lindsay Munro from Wild Mountain Blossoms! Like many companies looking to grow their business, Lindsay was in need of some beautiful imagery for her website and social media content. Our solution? Time for a branding shoot! This is something we’ve recently started getting more into and the process has been just as inspiring as rewarding getting to work with other small business owners also building their dreams into a reality! Lindsay’s sweet demeanor, passion for what she does, along with her beautiful design concepts already makes her awesome in our book, but we wanted her to be able to introduce herself to the world along with her wonderful work which you will see throughout the blog! So without further ado, meet Lindsay!

"My name is Lindsay and I am the owner, farmer, and floral designer of Wild Mountain Blossoms. I live in Black Mountain, North Carolina (right outside of Asheville) with my best friend and loving husband, Simon, our two amazing children, and our crazy dog. Wild Mountain Blossoms is a floral design studio and small scale flower farm where I grow and create wild, garden-style floral designs for your weddings and events. I have a love of farming that began when I moved to Ireland for a year to work on a farm through the WWOOF program, which is where I met my husband. I have always felt most connected to myself and to my happiness when I am in nature and have my hands in the dirt. I also love arranging flowers and have done so as a hobby for years, lovingly crafting bridal bouquets for many of my friends and family. I started Wild Mountain Blossoms to share my love of flowers, while being an example to my children of what it looks like when you combine hard work and passion. I was beyond excited when I reached out to Jenny and Joe of JCM Photography to help me with the branding of Wild Mountain Blossoms and they didn’t hesitate to say yes. Their images truly capture the beauty of my floral designs."

As we’ve stated previously, it’s always a privilege working with other businesses for branding sessions because it’s someone saying they want the work we do, to represent the work they do, which in and of itself is an honor. Being able to work with Lindsay was an absolute pleasure and even before we were able to post this blog, she booked another bride just from some simple cross promotion on social media! To hear that is music to our ears but not just for helping small businesses, also for helping couples to connect with wedding vendors that are just right for them!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to meet Lindsay and see a preview of her beautiful work! For more information, Lindsay can be reached by email at and don't forget to check out her latest creations on Instagram & Facebook @wildmountainblossoms

Jenny & Joe

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