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Brewery Engagement Hendersonville: Alexa + Dylan

Updated: Apr 5

engaged couple standing out side of a brewery

One thing we’ve learned as photographers in the WNC area is, if it’s meant to be, it will be! That may sound overly simplistic for some life specifics but man when it comes to scheduling a session I don’t know if something could be more true. Especially, Alexa and Dylan’s engagement session. Truth be told I sort of lost count on how many times we had to re-schedule their engagement photos (damn you weather!). Even on the day of the session we had a last minute switch up due to schedules so they decided instead of heading out to the Linville Wilderness area, we would keep it in town and start at a brewery and finish up somewhere close with a mountain view. We did this for one our last engagement shoots and I must say, we absolutely loved the variety & the vibe! Having done our consultation with Alexa and Dylan at a brewery, we already knew we were in for a great time!

We met them at Sanctuary Brewing Company in downtown Hendersonville on what could only be described as a perfect summer evening! The breeze kept us cool, the live blue grass kept us rockin, and the amazing local brews were the cherries on top! Of course the stars of the show were Alexa and Dylan. After catching up for a few and filling their cups, these two stole the show! They are ridiculously photogenic and one of the things we love most about working with them is how easily their personalities shine through pictures. Their smiles are infectious and they keep you laughing right along with them the entire time! Did we mention Alexa is a very talented wedding videographer and photographer herself? Besides it being an honor to capture these moments for other creatives it also makes it fun because you can relate on a another level! One of our favorite shots that evening at the brewery took a little bit of time to set up but with some patience, strategy, and some masterful driving skills by Jenny (lol), we were able to do a fun long exposure shot with them hanging out in front of sanctuary and a car passing by. Truth be told, we tried a couple times but traffic was way to slow so this is the first time we’ve ever decided to use a car as an instrument to make a photo. Sometimes you have to think outside the box!

sanctuary brewing
craft brewing menu
blue grass band playing
engaged couple sitting and enjoying some beers
couple laughing together
couple kissing while their hands are on their beers
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
couple toasting beers outside of the brewery
couple standing outside of the brewery while traffic drives by

After the big talk up you would probably think that was the highlight of the evening, but if you happened to be in the area that evening or anywhere in the surrounding mountains, you probably noticed an epic sky as the sun began to set! Well I don’t think we could’ve been any better placed to capture some romantic sunset portraits of these cuties as the sun started to go down! We traded the beers and brewery for ‘hold me closes’ and vibrant skies. Awesome evening, awesome scenery, and one awesome couple made for our kind of night! Another thing that was so cool about it was thinking back to the journey it took to get to this night. It took the strategic falling into place of quite a few rainy evenings, flooding in Etowah, and crazy work schedules for this night to happen and we couldn’t have pictured it any better for these two! It just goes to show if it’s meant to be it will be!

man kissing his fiance on the cheek
woman smiling at her fiance as he holds her from behind
woman smiling as her fiance smiles at her
sunset portrait of a couple sitting together
couple standing together during sunset in the mountains
man kissing his fiance on the forehead
couple with their arms around each other watching the sunset
silhouette of a couple holding each other during sunset

Big thanks to Alexa and Dylan for trusting us with capturing your journey and we can hardly wait until your wedding day!

Joe & Jenny

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