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Asheville Waterfall Engagement: J + J

Updated: Mar 2

engaged couples holding hands side by side in front of a waterfall

As we get through our final end of the year rush and start to get caught up on editing (slowly but surely!) we’ve also been able to start catching up on all of the awesomeness that was this fall! Our weekends were filled with weddings for us and our team, and much like last October, every single day we had a session! One of our absolute favorites from that time was Josh and Jennifer’s waterfall engagement near Asheville! We had originally planned for a mountain top engagement at Black Balsam Knob, but the fog had other plans. Thankfully not too far from there is one of our favorite waterfalls in the area and these cuties were game for anything! Also, I must warn you that this engagement session will include a lot of the F word…...Fun people, I’m talking about fun. Josh and Jennifer brought a whole lot of it. Rarely was their a time where I don’t remember them cheesing from ear to ear or laughing and since happy couples are our thing, we’re totally okay with that :) Throw in some beautiful fall foliage and a waterfall and it’s easy to see why this was one of our favorites!

man helping his fiance hike down some rocks
couple standing side by side on a large rock
couple holding hands and smiling at each other in front of a creek
man laughing at something his fiance said
a woman laughing while wrapped around her fiance's arm
engaged couple holding each other near the water
woman laughing as her fiance snuggles up on her from behind
engaged couple laughing in front of fall colored trees
engaged couple laughing as the man gives his fiance a piggy back ride
man standing with his arm around his fiance while being next to a river
couple kissing in front of a waterfall

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