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Downtown Sylva Elopement : K + T

Updated: Feb 18

bride and groom holding hands in front of the court house

One of our most recent weddings was also one of the most unique in how it came about! Funny story, like many wedding professionals, I was doing the daily social media check in to update posts, check the local wedding groups, etc. Wouldn’t you know I saw a post someone made looking for two witnesses for their wedding day. Even more fateful, they were going to be getting married at The Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Sylva. Literally like 5 minutes from our home. What are the odds!? So I reached out to Kayla and told her we live close and would be happy to be their witnesses for their elopement. Turns out her and her fiancé Tyler were going to be traveling up from St. Petersburg, FL, just a hop and skip from where we used to live in Tampa, FL. Naturally we hit it off and started talking about the timing and plan for everything and she soon realized we were wedding photographers as well. Her reaction was like “OMG! Seriously, we still need a photographer!” After discussing everything a little more in depth, Kayla and Tyler went from looking for two witnesses to having that, and their photographers all set! It’s always funny how things work out.

We were super excited to meet them both, just getting a sense of who they were over messenger and on the phone we knew they would be a fun couple and this would be a great day! We were also pumped about finally getting to shoot in downtown Sylva! We have lived here for over a year, but with our business being based in Asheville, naturally most of our portrait sessions and weddings still take place out that way. Needless to say we already had some fun spots picked out! On the day of, Kayla and Tyler were accompanied by her grandparents as a surprise to them! Her Grandmother was so sweet and could hardly contain herself with all of the excitement. They were thrown a little curveball as they were told just days before their ceremony that they would need to hold it at the Sheriff’s Office vs the actual courthouse (probably due to something dealing with COVID). After a quick adjustment and trip to the Sheriff’s Office, these two said their I dos and the celebration began!

couple standing side by in front of a mural
couple holding on to each other's arms
couple kissing in front of a colorful wall as traffic blurs by
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear
man leading his bride down the sidewalk
groom kissing bride on the cheek in front of the mountains
traditional portrait of a couple standing in front of jackson county courthouse
bride and groom walking down the stairs

Another unique part of our journey with Kayla and Tyler also had to deal with timing! They wanted to do an engagement session the day before their wedding, but the rain had other plans! PIVOT!!! (the constant theme of 2020). We joked that we ended up doing the world’s fastest anniversary session. A couple days after their wedding, we adventured out to Highlands, NC and went to a couple of their favorite waterfalls! We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

couple looking at each other in front of a waterfall
man wrapping up his wife from behind
married couple wading through the water
couple holding hands and skipping rocks
couple holding hands in knee deep water
man nestling up on his wife's cheek as they stand in the water
couple's shoes sitting on a rock
couple's feet standing on a rock
dramatic lighting portrait of a married couple holding hands right in front of a waterfall
couple kissing in front of a waterfall
traditional portrait of a couple on a bridge
dramatic lighting portrait of a couple kissing in the woods
couple standing at the top of a waterfall looking at the mountains
silhouette of a couple looking at each other
man caressing his wife in by her cheek
long exposure waterfall shot while the couple smiles in the water

After a beautiful morning of adventuring around with these two, we stopped off in Cashiers for a little breakfast! We were beyond stoked to have made the connection we did with Kayla and Tyler. They started off looking for two witnesses in NC, and left back to FL with two new friends! It was a cool reminder that sometimes life will take you exactly where you need to be.

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