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Linville Gorge Vow Renewal: C + B

Updated: Feb 23

dramatic lighting portrait of a groom kissing the bride on the cheek

In the past couple of years we’ve been noticing more and more couples are opting for an anniversary session or a vow renewal session and we absolutely love it! Anniversary sessions are just what they sound like and they can be for any anniversary! We’ve seen couples do vow renewals for so many reasons, but a couple that come to mind are they just didn’t dig their wedding photos that much, they wanted to get dressed back up celebrate their love, they wanted photos in their wedding attire in a different location, and sometimes it can be a romantic way to recommit to each other at this new stage in your life. Carrie and Brandon were the most recent duo we got to adventure with for their vow renewal session and we could not have picked a cooler couple! They were doing their vow renewal as a way to celebrate their 10th anniversary! I remember when Carrie called us the night we first connected, partially because we were on our way to grab pizza (weird foodie association I know…) and also because of the similarity to our story! Jenny and I are renewing our vows this year, although we've made it to the 9 year mark. Needless to say, we hit it off instantly and as we got to know Carrie and we knew we were going to love working with her and Brandon! She told us she wanted to go somewhere in the mountains out away from everyone and we knew just the spot! It’s actually a spot that shall remain nameless because great spots around here spread like wildfire. It requires a heck of a drive, much of which is off road, and a good bit of hiking but the destination is so worth the journey! Their session ended up being the weekend before the fit hit the shan with all of the coronavirus stuff and we’re so glad because we knew how much they were looking forward to this and to be completely honest, it was a ton of fun! Having hiked the location we were going before, I had a spot in mind I was thinking for where they were actually going to read their vows. Great minds think alike because once we came upon that spot, Brandon said “Hey that looks like it would be a great spot!” It really did seem to be perfectly set for these two. Given their desire for privacy we tried to give them as much space as possible while still capturing the moment. They could not have picked a better day or spot for this chapter of their story. The skies were a rich blue, the sun was shining warmly for the first time in weeks, and they stood prominently in the middle of The Linville Gorge. It would almost be a story book way to end, but we were only at beginning. Carrie and Brandon were up for a little adventure so we soon worked our way across the ridge line we found a couple of beautiful spots highlighting some different perspectives of this varying terrain. As the sun started to set and the chill bumps made their presence known, we worked our way over to another part of the gorge that we love called Wiseman’s View! Did we mention it’s perfect for sunsets!? Things may have been cooling down but these two were just getting warmed up!

bride and groom standing on a rock looking out at the view
bride and groom's vow books

Big congrats to Carrie and Brandon on 10 years and a special thanks to our friends at Flawless: Asheville Airbrush make up artistry & Stargazers Designs for helping this beautiful day come together!!

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