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Surprise Biltmore Proposal: X + M

Xavier’s proposal to Meleaha at The Biltmore was our most recent visit to the estate to capture this sweet moment for someone! It was memorable for so many reason. It was the first time we had visited the Biltmore in a couple of weeks and the blooms were just starting, Meleaha’s reaction was priceless, they were one of the absolute sweetest couples, and to top it all off, it was a time in society when we were still hugging and shaking hands (ahh the good old days). It was a session we had been looking forward to for about 3 weeks and for anyone out there reading this and also planning to propose, take Xavier’s lead! While we love helping our couples plan the finer details of their proposal’s to make sure everything goes super smooth, Xavier had everything planned out to a T! From location to timing, everything was on point! The lighting that day was also exceptional and it made for such a beautiful session! Shortly after their emotional proposal, we hit it off with these two and their love was so evident! It was one of those sessions where everything was so natural, they just fell right into place and did everything right without trying!

Xavier and Meleaha not only rocked their proposal but they were a fresh reminder of the excitement of capturing proposals at The Biltmore! These have easily become one of our favorite things to shoot in the past few years! With all of the variables, plans, unique couples, and beautiful scenery, it’s almost impossible for these sessions not to be special! We hope you enjoy!

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