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Hawksbill Engagement: B + N

Winter engagement sessions are some of our favorite throughout the year! There’s the potential for snow, the landscape lends itself to the warm earthy tones that we love, and most of the popular locations aren’t too crowded! As amazing as they can be, winter engagement sessions aren’t for the faint of heart. Especially when you’re heading somewhere in the mountains! You pretty much always expect it to be a little cold but certain regions can be quite unpredictable. Our most recent winter engagement session was with Brandon and Natalie!

Getting all of our schedules to align as well as the weather was proving to be a challenge to say the least but thankfully today was the day! As we alluded to earlier, mother nature can be a little unpredictable in certain areas and Linville Gorge is one of them! They decided to do their engagement session at one of our favorite locations, Hawksbill! When we checked in that morning we knew we were looking at a 40 minute strenuous hike, temps in the low 30s, sustained wind of 17-20mph, and gusts up to 40mph! That didn’t shake Brandon and Natalie one bit! They were all in and embraced the adventure that is Hawksbill Mountain Trail! When we reached the top right around golden hour, the wind was raging! Thankfully it gave us little bits of in between time and we were able to capture their beautiful connection as wells the grandeur of this amazing location! Did we mention how heavenly the light was!? We hope you enjoy following along!

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